Home Improvement

Learning development is like constructing a building. This fun analogy has been particularly helpful for my team.  The executives of your organization establish the location of your structure. They do this by creating the strategic and financial plans for the next few years, which sets the direction and tone of your curriculum. They let youContinue reading “Home Improvement”

Chasing Lightbulbs

If you ask a learning professional their favorite part about facilitation then chances are you will hear something about “lightbulb moments”. That’s when all of the instruction clicks and the participant “gets it”. You can almost physically see it when it happens. They straighten up in their seat and a joyous expression consumes their face. Continue reading “Chasing Lightbulbs”

Rapid Fire

You’ve got an hour long presentation to facilitate in 24 hours. Where do you start? Stop, breathe, and answer these rapid fire questions. Who’s going to be in the room? What do they need to hear? What’s worked before? What doesn’t? Why should they listen to your presentation? What’s the desired outcome? What do youContinue reading “Rapid Fire”

Fishing Lessons

Can you build a training program for us? A question that sounds familiar to learning professionals everywhere. You want to serve your client, but you have other clients. You’re revamping your new hire program, building training for several corporate projects, and developing courses that will boost the capabilities of your workforce. So how do youContinue reading “Fishing Lessons”