My Leadership Credo

What type of leader are you? What shaped your leadership style? What can your team expect from you? What do you expect from your team?

These are a few questions leaders should not only ask, answer, and document but should also share with their teams. I keep a copy of the following credo visibly in my office. I share it with all new team members. I periodically review it to keep myself accountable. I also bring it out annually, during 1:1s to get feedback from my team on my progress. The credo has gone a long way in establishing and maintaining trust between me and my team.

My Background
I come from a single parent family. My mom had to be a strong, passionate, and intelligent woman to raise a boy into a man by herself. She taught me the importance of respecting others, education, and perseverance. We didn’t have a lot of money, but we had love. These experiences helped shape my leadership style because it taught me the value of people and how to accomplish a lot with only a few resources. My family shapes my leadership style. I am responsible for the success of my household and I have a responsibility to help raise my children to be respectful, confident contributors to society.
Other key events that shaped my leadership style include being rejected for a position that I was not ready for. The hiring manager told me that if I applied then she would reject my offer. I applied anyway so that she could give me specific reasons on why I was not ready. I took those reasons and committed to getting better in those areas with the goal of being ready when the position became available.

My Purpose and Values
I value relationships, integrity and happiness. Relationships are key to success. Nothing happens in a vacuum. People make things happen. Leaders must be able to connect with people, understand their goals, motivations, and strengths. They must then be able to position them into places that use those strengths, draw from that motivation, and lead toward achieving the goals. I stand for integrity because we all have a responsibility to do what is right for our organization and ourselves. This value comes from my grandfather. He was the kindest man I’ve ever met and if I can be half the man he was then I know I’m doing OK. He held himself in the highest regards of integrity, even at the expense of himself sometimes. He is who I hope to be as a father and a leader.
My purpose in life is to help others, love family, and stay true to myself.

My Beliefs about Leading and Motivating People
I am a leader that will attempt to gain an understanding of your goals, strengths, opportunities, and motivations and provide you the opportunities to use those talents, achieve your goals, and improve in your areas of opportunity. You are part of the team because of what you uniquely offer to, not only our team, but to the organization. Let’s tap into your unique perspective and make continue to make this organization the best place to work.

What You Can Expect From Me
You can expect me to have an open door and be available to listen without judgement. I am open, honest, and transparent. I will share information when possible, but please understand there are some things that I will not be able to share with you. I will create safe environment. I will help you see things differently and help you make decisions. I will make decisions that are in the best interest of you, the team, and our organization. I have your back. I will support you, the individual, as well as the team. I will empower you. Expect me to work hard and alongside you. I will create strategies and execute on them.

What I Expect From You
I expect you to work just as hard as I do. I don’t like surprises. I expect you to keep me informed of good and bad news. Let’s figure it out together. I want you to believe in what you do, believe in our team’s mission, and believe in our organization. I expect you to act with good intentions. If we all agree to this then we will act with integrity and respect for others, the organization, and ourselves.

How I Will Set an Example for You
I will set an example for you by living Golden 1’s Core Values of Service Excellence, Respect, and Integrity. I will do my best to assure you feel appreciated and supported so that you, in turn, provide a high level of service to our employees.

Published by Terrence Shelton

I am a lifelong learner, husband, and father of three. I am also the VP of Learning and Development at Golden 1 Credit Union where I’ve worked for more than 20 years. I have over 10 years as a learning professional. I have a Bachelor’s in Organizational Communication from CSU-Sacramento. My personal values are respect, integrity, positivity, and creating opportunity for myself and all others. This blog allows me to live in those values as I aim to create an opportunity for learning, discussion, and growth for anyone who engages with this site.

2 thoughts on “My Leadership Credo

  1. As always, I am filled to the brim with pride and my cup runneth over with love.

    To whom much is given, much is required. God has laid it on you heart to share your experiences and knowledge. Nothing is in vain when divine intervention compels you to move.



  2. Seeing your first blog comment is from Mom speaks volumes about who you are and what you are all about. I love what I am seeing so far and find it inspiring and motivational. I salute you as you begin this journey and fully expect to read that book in the not so distant future. We each have a story to tell and something to give to the world. Thank you for following through on your passion. It is yet one more way that you create opportunity for yourself and all others…walkin’ the walk and talkin’ the talk. All the best to you Terrence in this exciting new venture!


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